Energy Conservation Measures: Proceedings of the International Symposium, Kuwait, 6ndash;8 February 1983 (KFAS proceedings series)

Energy Conservation Measures: Proceedings of the International Symposium, Kuwait, 6ndash;8 February 1983 (KFAS proceedings series)

[FREE] Energy Conservation Measures: Proceedings of the International Symposium, Kuwait, 6ndash;8 February 1983 (KFAS proceedings series)

Snippet : Energy Conservation Measures focuses on the progress in research, development, design, field testing, and applications relative to the use and conservation of energy. Containing the works of various authors who have conducted extensive studies in this field, the book presents lengthy discussions and case studies on the use and conservation of energy. The text outlines the relationship of energy and advancement in Third World and developing countries, which is further clarified by the presentation of energy conservation measures and techniques conducted in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and other industrial locations. Stressing the need for energy conservation, the book also discusses heat recovery in air conditioning and refrigeration. A review of the processes involved in seawater desalination is then given, as well as the consideration of the role that municipal services can play in achieving higher energy efficiencies. Energy-efficient applications in the electrical power sector are also discussed. The book is recommended to readers who are interested in the advancement of energy saving measures, processes, and techniques. Considering the value of the discussions presented, the readers will find this book a valuable source of information in their studies.

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