Outlaw: Fight for Your Customers and Sell Without Fear

Outlaw: Fight for Your Customers and Sell Without Fear

[Download free ebook] Outlaw: Fight for Your Customers and Sell Without Fear

The Article : How a new generation of outlaw salespeople are rewriting the rules Outlaw is a guide to what really works in the sales environment. Packed with fresh on-the-ground insights, powerful true stories, bold strategies, and unconventional approaches to selling, it explains how the best salespeople defy the conventional wisdom to achieve stunning success. But it’s not just for salespeople. Since we all sell something in one form or anothermdash;even ideasmdash;Outlaw is the sales guide for the salesperson in each of us. Outlaw explains that the world’s best salespeople don’t just sell; they fight for a worthy cause. They don’t just pitch the customer; instead, they reframe the customer’s and the market’s expectations, delivering unique experiences that build value and inspire satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business. In Outlaw, author and sales expert Trent Leyshan uses straightforward explanations and inspiring case studies to reveal the tools, traits, and skills used by the worldrsquo;s most dynamic and successful sales professionals. Includes effective sales practices for salespeople, as well as account managers, business leaders, consultants, marketers, advertisers, and entrepreneurs Features proven techniques for overcoming personal limitations, understanding what customers want, and becoming a more passionate, inspiring sales professional Written by a sales expert and trainer whose clients include many of Australia’s most successful sales-driven firms Perfect for anyone who works in sales or wants new ways to influence colleagues and customers, Outlaw offers effective strategies and a fresh approach to selling that really works.

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