Women at the Top: Powerful Leaders Tell Us How to Combine Work and Family

Women at the Top: Powerful Leaders Tell Us How to Combine Work and Family

(Download pdf ebook) Women at the Top: Powerful Leaders Tell Us How to Combine Work and Family

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Snippet : Using case studies of top-level women and research in the field, Women at the Top breaks new ground and offers new insight into how women can create dually-successful lives. explores the work histories, motivation, leadership styles, mentors, and family backgrounds of a diverse assortment of top-level women includes the case studies of the President of Old Navy/Gap, the Chairman of Deloitte and Touche, the VP of IBM operations, a Supreme Court Judge in China, President of Legislative Council in Hong Kong, several university presidents, and more weighs the positive effects of multiple roles and positive and negative work-life spill over discusses strategies for success (e.g., scaling back, juggling), the need for social support, and the importance of cultural context