How Norton Keeps You Safe From Deadly Threats

On May 19, 2014, Blackshades proved to be very interesting when the FBI and Europol reported having captured many people related to malware based on cybercrime.

Norton objects have been able to recognize Blackshades and trap them for a long time. Examined to learn more about this danger and how to protect yourself and your PCs.

What is Blackshades ?

This is a malicious programming program called “Remote Access” (often restricted to the term RAT) used by a wide range of cybercriminals, many or almost all, to attack and influence their PCs. for illegal addition. In fact, in case you know where to look on the web, you may discover that it sells for only $ 40 USD.

What does Blackshades do?

Once introduced into your PC, Blackshades gives an attacker full control over your machine, but in a way that is imperceptible to you. Not entirely like the different types of PC infections or malware that have exceptionally obvious reactions, Blackshades is meant to remain hidden as much as possible. This allows an assault to take its type and use a simple and instantaneous interface:

  1. Take information from your PC (for example, collect customer names and passwords) when you surf the Internet and participate in online shopping, and save money.
  2. Search and take recordings on your PC
  3. Take screenshots of what is displayed on your PC
  4. Interface with the camcorder on your PC and even record video footage
  5. Access your email applications and informal communities. He commonly uses this to expand. For example, you can log in to your partner’s informal organization page using your interpersonal organization account, which will ask your colleagues to touch the connection.

How does Blackshades get your frame?

There is a wide range of ways in which an abuser can make the change to their environment. Many of them understand that it is deceptive to exploit an embedded connection in an email or message to a web page of an interpersonal organization. Other sections influence known errors (vulnerabilities) in the product you continue to use on your PC: usually your web program and the modules connected to the program, such as playing music or watching movies. Errors become unintentional entry doors when you scan the web, allowing attackers to access your structure through a non-commercial site (usually called a web assault).

How does Norton protect me?

All of Norton’s security features (Norton Antivirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360) consolidate many layers of resistance against malware such as Blackshades. Norton started to provide insurance against the first Blackshades earlier than planned on February 22, 2011, using our antivirus advances. Since then, Blackshades, as the most malicious code, has continued to progress and so have Norton’s security features. Today, these elements reinforce many additional layers of barrier to protect it from Blackshades, which include:

– An advanced intrusion prevention system (IPS) that protects computers against the growing number of vulnerabilities (up to 23% in 2013 compared to the previous year). As noted earlier, vulnerabilities (or programming errors) are a typical gateway for malicious programming in your framework.

– A combination of advanced brand recognition (Insight brand) that influences our global knowledge system to accumulate information about registries, sites and IP addresses to help us quickly separate “safe” from “risky” for our clients.

– A set of innovations of proactive resistance (SONAR) that program programming practices progressively looking for key indications of pernicious movement that the usual antivirus can ignore.

– A toolbar of the SafeWeb program that guarantees that the sites you visit are protected and free from attacks.

– A Facebook page scanner to monitor your Facebook page and keep it free of any malicious connection

If you are not yet a Norton customer, consider taking Norton for a test. During the introduction, it will filter your PC to verify the proximity of chains like Blackshades and eject them.

Progressively, it will constantly protect your PC when you browse the web and it protects you. Visit us here

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